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Intelligent SmartSleep technology

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MAXIM Integrated Products introduces the MAX9508/MAX9512, the world's first analog standard-definition video filters equipped with the Company's innovative SmartSleep technology. It is available from Arrow Electronics Australia Pty Ltd .

The new SmartSleep technique intelligently controls power consumption by turning on the device only when the video input signal and the output load are detected.

Using SmartSleep technology, the 4-channel MAX9508 and MAX9512 substantially reduce power consumption by shutting down the filters and amplifiers of the unused channels. These new video filters are available in a tiny 3mm x 3mm TQFN package.

Traditional devices cannot selectively turn on or off based on the status of the input or output loads. Nor, moreover, do those devices have the intelligence to decide when to turn on or off. In fact, all the channels of those traditional devices need to be fully on, or fully off.

Depending on the presence of the input signal and the output load, the SmartSleep function places individual video channels in one of three power-consumption modes:

Standby mode: when there is no active video input signal, the device is placed into the standby mode, and the device reduces the supply current to 7 microamps.

Active-Detect Mode: when there is an input sync signal, the channel is placed into an active-detect mode and starts sensing the presence of an output load; the device only consumes 17 microamps.

Full-Operation Mode: when there is an input signal and an output load, the device is placed into the full-operation mode. The MAX9508/MAX9512 selectively activates the video filter and the amplifier of an output channel with an attached load. The device consumes 3.3mA per channel, plus the output load current.

In addition to the power-saving SmartSleep technology, the MAX9508 video filter amplifier provides bidirectional video support, which makes the device extremely versatile.

The MAX9508 can be used for many power-sensitive applications including portable DVD players, set-top boxes, (STB) and portable media players (PMP). The MAX9508 contains three reconstruction filters, four video amplifiers, and a pull-down switch at one of the two CVBS outputs.

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