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Integrated converters with >90% efficiency

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article image Features low RDSon.

NATIONAL Semiconductor Corporation, represented by Arrow Electronics Australia Pty Ltd , has introduced two new high-performance converters that increase efficiency and extend battery life in high-current applications.

The LM2716 buck-boost and LM2717 buck-buck converters each feature greater than 90% efficiency over a wide load range for extended battery life in embedded computer systems, set-top boxes, portable Internet access devices, general point-of-load architectures and monitors and televisions, including TFT/LCD flat-panel displays.

Both converters are well-suited for applications where multiple high-current, low-voltage power supplies are needed to power system loads, including field programmable gate-arrays (FPGAs), digital signal processors (DSPs) and digital application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

The LM2716 and LM2717 also offer added flexibility, with one fixed output and one adjustable output voltage in a single, integrated chip.

External soft-start for each converter limits input surge current at start-up and independent shutdown allows users to disable each regulator separately.

"The use of distributed power architectures with adjustable output voltages has become increasingly popular for powering digital ASICs and DSPs," said marketing director for National Semiconductor's Portable Power Products Group, Yoon Paek.

"National's new buck-boost and buck-buck converters provide exceptionally flexible and high-performance solutions for these point-of-load architectures."

The LM2716 is composed of two pulse width modulation (PWM) dc/dc converters. A buck (step-down) converter is used to generate a fixed output voltage. A boost (step-up) converter is used to generate an adjustable output voltage.

The LM2717 is composed of two PWM dc/dc buck converters.

Both converters feature low RDSon (0.16Ω and 0.12Ω) internal switches for maximum efficiency. Operating frequency can be adjusted between 300kHz and 600kHz, allowing the use of small external components.

The LM2716 and LM2717 are packaged in a low profile, 24-pin TSSOP and are available now. Lead-free package options are also available.

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