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Hot-swappable dc-balanced deserialisers

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MAXIM Integrated Products, represented by Arrow Electronics , has introduced the latest members of its high-speed LVDS SerDes family-the MAX9234, MAX9236, and MAX9238, which are hot-swappable 21-bit, dc-balanced LVDS deserialisers.

These devices deserialise three LVDS serial inputs into 21 single-ended LVTTL/LVCMOS outputs, and communicate over a 3-wire twisted pair or differential line.

Each device reduces the number of wires or traces from 22 to 8, which simplifies design and saves space and cost in system interconnects such as cables and backplanes.

Hot-swappable capability increases fault tolerance and allows "on-the-fly" frequency programming. Advanced proprietary and integrated data coding reduce EMI. The LVDS outputs meet the requirements of the ANSI TIA/EIA 644 LVDS standard.

The MAX9234/MAX9236 deserialisers are ideal for driving 480 x 800 resolutions LCD displays, automotive navigation and entertainment systems, digital copiers, laser printers, network switches/routers, and base stations.

The MAX9238's high clock rate allows driving 768 x 1024 resolution LCD displays. Dc-balanced outputs allow isolation between serialiser and deserialiser by using ac coupling.

The dc-balanced feature reduces bit errors in the MAX9234/MAX9236/MAX9238 deserialisers due to shift in the common mode caused by ground shift.

The maximum, aggregate payload data rate is 1.386Gbps.

The MAX9234//MAX9236/MAX9238 feature a separate output supply for interfacing to 1.8V to 5V logic-level inputs. All devices are specified for operation from -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius.

The LVDS outputs meet ISO 10605 (±25kV air, ±8kV contact). These three new deserialisers are function and pin compatible with the MAX9210, MAX9220, and MAX9222 deserialisers, respectively.

They also communicate with the MAX9209 and MAX9213 21-bit dc-balanced serialisers. The MAX9234/MAX9236/MAX9238 are available in a 48-pin, low-profile TSSOP package.

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