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Hot swap controller for PCI Express

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article image Hot-plug slot controller.

MAXIM Integrated Products, represented by Arrow Electronics , has introduced the MAX5946, a fully integrated, dual, hot-swap controller for PCI Express hot-plug slots.

The MAX5946 allows the safe insertion and removal of PCI-Express cards from live PCI-Express hot-plug slots, and integrates many features that simplify design, and reduce board space and overall system cost.

The device provides independent power control for +12V and +3.3V, and auxiliary +3.3V supply rails for two PCI-Express slots. The controller integrates 0.24W power MOSFET switches for the +3.3V auxiliary supply rails, and can be controlled via the SMBus(TM) interface with an external I/O expander.

This hot-swap controller provides active inrush and overcurrent protection with programmable overcurrent timeout. Thermal shutdown protection is provided for each channel. Other features include power-good status indicators with power-on-reset, attention input switches with 4ms debounce, and FAULT-bar outputs for reporting overcurrent and thermal shutdown faults.

The MAX5946L provides latched fault management, while the MAX5946A is available with auto-retry fault management.

The MAX5946A and MAX5946L are available in a small, 36-pin QFN package. These devices operate over the industrial temperature range (-40°C to +85°C).

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