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High-speed transistor optocoupler

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FAIRCHILD Semiconductor, represented by Arrow Electronics , has announced a new high-speed 3.3V transistor optocoupler.

This is the only such device on the market offering a guaranteed minimum 5kV/µs common mode noise rejection (CMR) rating as a standard feature, compared to competitors’ typical CMR ratings.

Fairchild’s FODX5XL is one of several new 3.3V and 5V transistor optocouplers that combine Fairchild’s coplanar technology with its proprietary process for shielding the silicon detector chip.

This advanced technology yields a 30% improvement in common mode transient immunity, compared to competitive parts. All products in Fairchild’s new family of high CMR optocouplers deliver a wide analogue bandwidth (1Mbits/s) and are well suited for feedback isolation in switch mode power supplies and for power transistor isolation in motor drives.

Additionally, these products expand Fairchild’s solutions for power conversion and isolation, which include Fairchild Power Switch, MOSFETs, PWM controllers, LDOs, rectifiers and diodes.

“Fairchild’s new 3.3V high performance optocouplers provide a new migration path for designers who require lower power consumption while maintaining the high common mode transient immunity offered by 5V devices,” said John Constantino, strategic marketing manager for Optoelectronics.

Fairchild’s new family of high speed transistor optocouplers is available in SOIC-8 or DIP-8 packages.

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