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High-accuracy window voltage monitors

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article image Monitor multiple supply voltages.

MAXIM Integrated Products has introduced the MAX16008/MAX16009, 1.5% accurate, quad, window voltage monitors in a thin QFN package.

Available through Arrow Electronics , these devices provide a high level of system reliability by monitoring multiple supply voltages and activating a fault signal when any of the voltages exceeds its overvoltage thresholds or falls below its undervoltage thresholds.

For signaling a fault condition, each monitored threshold has an independent open-drain output with an internal 30 microamp pullup to reduce the number of external components. The outputs can be OR'd together to provide a single fault undervoltage/overvoltage detector.

The MAX16008/MAX16009 offer user-adjustable thresholds that allow voltages to be monitored down to 0.4V. The upper and lower trip thresholds of each window monitor can be set externally with the use of three external resistors.

Both devices feature a margin enable input to disable the outputs during margin testing or any other time after power-up operations.

The MAX16009 offers a reset output that deasserts after a reset timeout period once all voltages are within their threshold specifications. The reset timeout is internally set to 140ms (min), but can be externally adjusted to other reset timeouts using an external capacitor. In addition, the MAX16009 offers a manual reset input.

These devices are offered in 20- and 24-lead, thin QFN packages (4mm x 4mm) and are fully specified from -40 degrees Celsius to +125 degrees Celsius.

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