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article image Combines voltage monitoring, supervisory functions, margining control and sequencing control.

MAXIM Integrated Products, represented in Australia by Arrow Electronics , has released the MAX6870/MAX6871, EEPROM-programmable, hex/quad power-supply sequencers/supervisors with an integrated 10-bit ADC.

The programmable system-management devices provide design flexibility and reliability in complex systems, such as those found in networking, telecommunication, storage and base-station equipment applications.

The MAX6870/MAX6871 combine voltage monitoring, supervisory functions, margining control and sequencing control. They are programmed through an I(2)C interface that selects monitored voltage thresholds, sequence and reset-timing specifications, and sets output configurations. Internal configuration EEPROM is used to store and update changes as necessary.

The MAX6870 has six voltage detector inputs and eight programmable outputs. The MAX6871 has four voltage detector inputs and five programmable outputs. All voltage detectors have dual voltage thresholds in 10mV increments for undervoltage, overvoltage, or dual undervoltage detection. The detectors can be configured to assert any of the outputs when any voltage is out of regulation.

The programmable outputs can be used to sequence supplies or provide system resets and interrupts with active-high or active-low logic. These outputs can be configured with open-drain, push-pull, and a charge-pump option (for driving external n-channel MOSFETs). There are eight available timeout periods ranging from 25μs to 1600ms. A margining enable input is available to set the outputs into a default (or disable) state.

An internal eight-channel, 10-bit ADC reads back the all the monitored voltages and two external inputs into its ADC registers. The ADC can be used to monitor voltage during margining or when trimming a power supply.

Other features of the MAX6870/MAX6871 include four general-purpose inputs, two watchdog timers and a manual reset input. The devices are available in a 7mm x 7mm QFN package and are specified for operation over the extended temperature range from -40ºC to 85ºC.

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