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ESD-protected, octal logic-level translators

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MAXIM, represented by Arrow Electronics , has introduced the MAX3000E/MAX3001E/MAX3002-MAX3012 low-voltage, bi/unidirectional, octal, 20Mbps logic-level translation ICs.

Packaged in a tiny UCSP, these translators save space and replace up to 10 discrete components. The MAX3000E/MAX3001E/MAX3002/MAX3003 are ideal for bidirectional level translation such as SIM/SMART card interfaces, while the MAX3004-MAX3012 are unidirectional level translators.

These devices allow low-voltage ASICs with a supply voltage down to +1.2V to communicate with higher voltage peripherals with a supply voltage up to +5.5V. They also permit the reverse communication, i.e. higher voltage peripherals to low-voltage ASICs.

These ICs facilitate both internal communication within a device such as an ASIC to an analogue-to-digital converter (ADC), and external communication such as a cell phone ASIC to a SIM card interface.

The MAX3000E/MAX3001E feature ±15kV ESD protection on the I/O Vcc pins, making them ideal for applications that interact with external devices. These pins are protected using the Human Body Model, ensuring strict compliance with international standards.

The MAX3000E/MAX3001E/MAX3002-MAX3012 consume only 0.1 microamp of quiescent current and feature a shutdown mode in which the I/O pins enter a high-impedance state.

The MAX3000E features a slew-rate-limited driver guaranteed to translate data up to 230kbps. The MAX3001E, also slew-rate limited, operates up to 4Mbps; the MAX3002-MAX3012 are guaranteed up to 35Mbps.

The MAX3000E/MAX3001E/MAX3002-MAX3012 are available in the extended temperature range (-40°C to +85°C) in a tiny 4 x 5 UCSP or 20-pin TSSOP package.

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