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Dual-rail linear regulator family

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NATIONAL Semiconductor, represented by Arrow Electronics , has announced the addition of two CMOS dual input low dropout (LDO) voltage regulators that offer the industry's lowest dropout.

Optimised for low-voltage, high current applications in PCs and set-top boxes, this new family of LDOs enables high efficiency linear conversion while consuming ultra-low quiescent current of only 3mA under all conditions.

In contrast, the quiescent current of bipolar alternatives increases to over 100mA as the regulator approaches dropout.

The LP388x family now includes the two new devices, the LP3881 and LP3882, and the recently released LP3883, providing a significant power savings to customers.

This family uses a separate input to power the control circuitry; the power input may be fed independently from the high current supply facilitating conversion from input rails of less than 2.5V.

The CMOS dual input architecture allows for an ultra low input voltage and low output voltages down to 1.2 V. The dropout voltage for the LP3883/2/1 is typically 210mV/110mV/75mV at 3A/1.5A/0.8A and a maximum of 420mV/270mV/160mV over temperature.

The LP388x family's circuit approach enables delivery of custom voltages in 50mV increments in the range of 1.25V to 1.8V.

The LP388x family has an output voltage accuracy of ±3 percent over line, load and temperature variations and features on/off control, over-temperature and over-current protection.

National Semiconductor's LP388x family of high current, low voltage CMOS LDOs is shipping today in TO220-5 lead and TO263-5 lead packages.

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