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Dual N and P channel power MOSFETs

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INTERNATIONAL Rectifier, represented in Australia by Arrow Electronics , has introduced the IRF7338, a 12V complementary N and P channel pair of HEXFET power MOSFETs in a single SO-8 package.

The IRF7338 is a cost-effective device compared to alternative solutions and can be used in instant power-up circuits for USB ports, double data rate (DDR) DRAM memory applications, or other circuits requiring a single-pole double-throw (SPDT) device to switch between a standby voltage and a core voltage rail.

SPDT switches use a single control input to enable one or other circuit paths, depending on whether the control input is high or low.

In DDR memory applications, the IRF7338 driven by a simple op-amp can provide alternate source and sink paths for the termination terminal voltage, or VTT.

In USB applications, the new MOSFET co-pack can instantaneously switch the USB port between the 5V standby rail and the 5V core rail. In PCI applications, the IRF7338 can be used to switch between the 3.3V standby rail and the 3.3V core rail.

Carl Blake, International Rectifier dc-dc marketing manager for computing, said, the IRF7338 was optimised for fast switching from standby to full power and vice versa in computers supporting the advanced configuration power interface (ACPI).

“ACPI is used in notebook and desktop computers and servers to manage power system resources, reducing energy consumption and extending battery life as much as possible."

The P channel section is capable of switching currents of up to 3A, and the N channel side is capable of switching up to 6.3A. Both the N and P channel devices have low gate charge to simplify gate drive circuitry.

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