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Deserialiser with clock recovery

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MAXIM Integrated Products, represented by Arrow Electronics , has introduced the MAX3882 3V, 2.5Gbps/2.7Gbps 1:4 deserialiser with clock and data recovery and a limiting amplifier.

This deserialiser is ideal for converting 2.5Gbps serial data to 4-bit-wide, 622Mbps parallel data in DWDM and SDH/SONET applications.

When combined with the MAX3892 4:1 serialiser with clock synthesis, the MAX3882 forms a complete two-chip 2.5Gbps/2.7Gbps transceiver solution.

Operating from a single 3.3V supply, the MAX3882 accepts serial NRZ CML data inputs as low as 10mV peak-to-peak. It also delivers 622Mbps LVDS parallel data outputs, while consuming only 610mW of power.

The MAX3882 does not require an external reference clock for data acquisition. The 0.65UI jitter tolerance performance provides a 0.5UI margin relative to the ITU/Bellcore SDH/SONET specification.

The loopback input can be connected to an external reference clock of 155MHz/167MHz or 622MHz/667MHz, maintaining a valid clock output in the absence of input data transitions. A loss-of-lock output and vertical-threshold adjustment are also provided.

The MAX3882 is available in a 36-pin QFN (6mm x 6mm) package specified over the extended temperature range (-40°C to +85°C).

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