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Compact cathode-row display drivers

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article image Includes automatic memory-map sharing.

MAXIM Integrated Products, represented in Australia by Arrow Electronics Australia Pty Ltd , has released the MAX6960-MAX6963 compact cathode-row display drivers that interface microprocessors to 8 x 8 dot-matrix red, green and yellow (R, G, Y) LED displays through a high-speed 4-wire serial interface.

The MAX6960-MAX6963 are feature-rich LED drivers that offload the display tasks from the microprocessor, simplifying design, reducing software overhead and improving time-to-market for message board, gaming machine and audio/video equipment applications.

The devices feature LED fault detection and provide both analogue and digital tile-segment current calibration to allow 8 x 8 displays from different batches.

The MAX6963 and MAX6962 drive monocolour displays with two-step intensity control, while the MAX6962 also offers four-step intensity control.

The MAX6961 and MAX6960 drive monocolour or RGY displays with two-step intensity control, while the MAX6960 also offers four-step intensity control.

Other driver features include automatic memory-map sharing and allocation between interconnected drivers, factory-trimmed 40mA or 20mA peak segment current and 256-step panel intensity control.

All devices operate at 2.7V to 3.6V and over a -40°C to +125°C temperature range.

The MAX6960-MAX6963 are offered in compact, high-heat-dissipation 44-pin QFN and MQFP packages.

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