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Chip manufacturers show Windows Media 9 support

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Five leading chip manufacturers have announced chip-level support for the Windows Media 9 series digital media development platform.

Among the five companies, both Texas Instruments and Equator Technologies have demonstrated how Windows Media 9 series can be decoded and encoded at the chip level.

TI demonstrated encoding of the platform directly onto the chip while Equator demonstrated high-definition video decoding of Windows Media at 720p on a chip – two and a half times the current video resolution of DVDs, according to Microsoft Windows Digital Media division general manager Dave Fester.

“Offering Windows Media 9 series support at the chip level was the next logical step in our vision to enable seamless access to digital media content anytime, any place and on any device,” Fester said.

“By locking the video bit stream for silicon, 9 series can create new opportunities for network operators, chip makers and consumer electronics device OEMs.”

National Semiconductor (distributed by Arrow Electronics and Insight Electronics ) has also announced Geode processor and Geode CS1301 media coprocessor support for the playback and decoding of Windows Media audio and video.

STMicroelectronics’ ST200 family of media processors support the platform as well as Video 9 Series technologies and complement its OMEGA family of set-top box and DCD decoder ICs.

This will enable the combination of traditional digital TV and DVD platforms with a new range of audio and video applications enabled by Windows Media 9 series, STMicro said.

Texas Instruments’ fully programmable 600MHz TMS320C64x DSP platform uses Windows Media Encoder 9 series to enable IP-based set-top box OEMs to design all-in-one products for digital media compression, streaming video transmission and HDD storage.

This will open up new opportunities for real-time encoding of content into Windows Media Video 9, TI said in a statement.

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