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Bluetooth 1.2 compliant radio transceivers

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article image National semiconductor’s Bluetooth 1.2 compliant devices.

NATIONAL Semiconductor, represented by Arrow , has announced its newest Bluetooth product family that complies with the recently ratified Bluetooth Specification Version 1.2.

The LMX5252 is a Bluetooth radio transceiver that delivers a high level of RF integration. The LMX5452 combines the radio with an enhanced Bluetooth 1.2 baseband processor into a small micro-module package. Both products offer a high level of analogue and RF integration in a small footprint, saving space and cost, and providing good performance.

Bluetooth wireless technology enables users to exchange information between a variety of computing and communications systems, including mobile phones, PCs, printers, PDAs and automobiles, without connecting wires or cables.

The new features found in Bluetooth Specification Version 1.2 include faster connecting times, improved voice transmissions and adaptive frequency hopping (AFH) for improved coexistence of Bluetooth with other 2.4GHz devices.

The LMX5252, in a 36-pin LLP package measuring 6mm x 6mm x 0.8mm, is a highly integrated 18μ CMOS Bluetooth radio transceiver with an integrated Tx/Rx switch and baluns. It supports multiple system clock frequencies of 10 to 40MHz, and has a typical Rx sensitivity of -84dBm.

The LMX5252 is suitable for applications where Bluetooth baseband functionality is already integrated into the primary processor, including systems using National's CP3000 connectivity processors.

The LMX5452, in a 64-pin micro-module BGA package measuring 9mm x 6mm x 1.2mm, combines the Bluetooth transceiver with a baseband processor.

The baseband processor features full Bluetooth 1.2 functionality and firmware, and an enhanced HCI command structure. In addition, it combines on-chip, ROM-based memory with a seamless memory patch controller and flexible patch RAM.

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