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Amplifiers for high-speed applications

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NATIONAL Semiconductor, represented by Arrow Electronics , has introduced two new high-speed amplifier products that break the gigahertz speed barrier.

Based on National's high-speed VIP10 manufacturing process, the 1.2GHz amplifier and programmable gain buffer enable high signal fidelity and stability for improved performance in high-speed applications such as video, test and measurement, and other industrial applications.

High large-signal bandwidth and fast slew rates allow National's new devices to drive high-resolution red, green and blue (RGB) video.

The dynamic performance of these amplifiers is ideal for driving single-ended high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).

National's LMH6703 is a stable 1.2 GHz amplifier for high-speed signals, making it less dependent on PC board layout compared to most solutions currently on the market.

It features the industry's highest large-signal (2Vpp) bandwidth at 750MHz and 4500V/μs slew rate for better signal fidelity, resulting in improved performance in high-end video applications with UXGA (1600 x 1200, 75Hz) resolutions and beyond.

Additionally, the LMH6703 has a shutdown feature, provides 0.1dB gain flatness out to 150MHz, and low second/third harmonic distortion of -87/-100dBc at 5MHz for driving single-ended, high-speed ADCs.

National's LMH6704 is a 650MHz programmable gain buffer with internal gain-setting resistors, allowing the user to set the gain at -1, +1, or +2. It provides a shutdown feature, 0.1dB gain flatness out to 200MHz, and low second/third harmonic distortion of -62/-78dBc at 10MHz.

The LMH6704's low differential phase and gain specifications provide less luminance and chrominance distortion when driving composite video signals. The high output current (90mA) allows both the LMH6703 and LMH6704 to drive low-impedance, high-capacitive loads in any application.

National's LMH6703 and LMH6704 are the latest amplifiers in a new series of high-speed products based upon the VIP10 process.

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