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All-silicon 3.3V adjustable delay line

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DALLAS Semiconductor, represented by Arrow Electronics , has introduced the DS1123L 3.3V adjustable delay line.

The DS1123L is an 8-bit programmable timing element similar in function to the other devices in the programmable timing-element family, but it operates at 3.3V.

Like the DS1023, this device can delay signals up to a full period or more when used as a delay line. An on-chip reference delay can offset the inherent step-zero delay, which allows the DS1123L to shift a clock signal over the full 0 to 360 degrees phase range.

In addition to functioning as a delay line, it can be configured as a free-running oscillator or an externally triggered monostable vibrator.

The DS1123L is available in step sizes ranging from 250ps to 2ns, in a 16-pin TSSOP package.

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