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16-Bit, 80Msps ADC has more power and one quarter the size

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article image The MAX19586 has a large dynamic range.

MAXIM Integrated Products, represented by Arrow Electronics Australia Pty Ltd , has launched the MAX19586, a 16-bit 80Msps analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) that sets new industry standards in the elite class of ADCs that achieve 80dB or greater signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

The MAX19586 offers superior dynamic performance including a noise floor of -82dBFS, 80dB SNR, and 96dBc spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) at an input frequency of 10MHz (-2dB input amplitude).

This performance is several dBs better than the competition in noise floor, SNR, and SFDR. This ADC can also sample input frequencies beyond 170MHz.

"Maxim leveraged its leadership data-converter technology to produce a high-speed ADC that advances the state of the art along both the dynamic performance and power axes," said Maxim’s Managing Director, High-Speed Signal Processing Business Unit, Ted Tewksbury.

“This remarkable performance is achieved at half the power required by the nearest competitor in a package that is one quarter the size.”

The MAX19586 is a 3.3V ADC with a fully differential wideband track-and-hold (T/H) and a 16-bit converter core.

Not only designed for excellent operation in the 2nd Nyquist region, the MAX19586 is also optimised for use with high-IF input frequencies. This makes the part ideal for high-performance digital receivers. The part has as 1.8V digital supply voltage and a 2.56Vp-p full-scale input range.

At 1.1W power dissipation, the MAX19586 uses 48% less power than the nearest competitor. This part is also packaged in a space-saving 56-pin QFN-EP, one fourth the size of that same competitor.

This device is specified for the -40°C to +85°C industrial temperature range.

"No other vendor has been able to provide this level of performance at such low power and in such a small footprint," added Mr Tewksbury.

The superior performance of the MAX19586 makes it suitable for high-performance broadband applications. Examples include cellular base-station transceiver systems (BTS), multicarrier and multistandard communication receivers, E911 location receivers, antenna array processing and high-end test and measurement instrumentation.

Designers and manufacturers of today's best performing equipment are faced with the constantly challenging problem of performing accurate dynamic testing on their products.

One cannot measure the performance of tomorrow's high-end medical instrument or communications device with yesterday's data converter. Therefore, customers are demanding faster sampling rates and higher dynamic performance. Designers need all this improved performance in ICs that consume less power and require only a small footprint.

The MAX19586 provides the best combination of SNR and SFDR in the industry. This allows system engineers to design communication receivers with extra sensitivity and aids the design of multicarrier receivers.

The 96dBc SFDR’s performance eases filtering requirements and less expensive filters reduce system costs.

The large dynamic range can also be used to simplify system design by eliminating the need for variable gain attenuators (VGA) or automatic gain control (AGC) blocks in the receiver.

This is especially important in systems where the receiver is expected to digitise both weak (far) and strong (near) signals. With over 80dB of dynamic range, the system can capture both signals without having to change gain ranges.

In subsampling applications, the MAX19586 offers superior performance at high IF (77.2dB SNR at an input frequency of 168MHz), which allows system designers to eliminate RF down-conversion stages without sacrificing overall system performance.

In instrumentation applications, the superb noise floor will quickly yield instruments with more measurement sensitivity than before.

The MAX19586 16-bit 80Msps ADC joins the company's recently announced MAX1215, the world's fastest 12-bit ADC that samples up to 250Msps.

Maxim now offers over 100 high-speed ADCs and DACs optimised for most equipment segments and applications.

The MAX19586 is in production and samples are available. Evaluation kits are also available to shorten design time.

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