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Rapid prototyping services from ArpTech

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ArpTech  is a reputed provider of rapid prototyping (RP) services. ArpTech provides the technology and expertise to help companies reduce the product development time using the rapid prototyping. Product designers are able to visualise and test their designs in a three dimensional environment clearly, quickly and inexpensively by utilising the services of ArpTech.

ArpTech specialises in making 3D physical models direct from CAD models and drawings. ArpTech helps customers choose the best type of rapid prototyping services that is applicable to their current needs. Due to the maturity of the rapid prototyping process a number of methods are now available to conduct rapid prototyping hence making the right technology choice is essential in getting the best out of the rapid prototyping process. ArpTech helps customers choose the correct process for the project of the customer.

ArpTech offers Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) services Fused Deposition Modeling is a layered manufacturing process and is commonly used for form, fit and function analysis as well as concept visualisation and for pattern generation and rapid manufacturing. The advantages of going in for FDM is the parts are strong and are suitable for functional testing, FDM has a very short lead time, the parts produced by FDM are also dimensionally stable and does not react easily with the environment.

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