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Architectural services and stereolithography services from ArpTech

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ArpTech  specialises in making 3D physical models direct from CAD models and drawings. Using the rapid prototyping services provided by ArpTech Product designers are able to visualise and test their designs in a three dimensional environment clearly, quickly and inexpensively.

ArpTech provides SLA also known as Stereolithography services. Stereolithography provides high accuracy with an exceptional surface finish. The Stereolithography process involves curing liquid photopolymers by exposing them to ultraviolet light. Stereolithography is limited in its range of materials but is extensively used for product verification, conceptual designs, pattern making, light functional testing and form/fit analysis.

The advantages of going in for Stereolithography are that it is a very accurate process and is appropriate for close tolerance and form fit parts. Excellent surface finish is available by using Stereolithography this makes the process apt for conceptual and presentation designs.

Using Stereolithography for rapid prototyping results in excellent feature detail this makes the model appropriate for making master models for vacuum casting process. Stereolithography also allows making of translucent and transparent parts by employing special resins and finishing techniques.

ArpTech also provides architectural services like Mass Modeling, building models with Interior and Lighting Design, building models that have detailed interior and exterior along with landscaping, garden and lighting effects. Large landscape and topo models for projects like golf courses and resort planning are also available from ArpTech.

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