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3D printing services and Selective Laser Sintering services from ArpTech

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SLS or Selective Laser Sintering from ArpTech is primarily used to rapidly produce 3D parts, layer by layer, from powdered materials. Using a CO2 Laser concentrated heating is applied on the powder which welds the powder within a controlled chamber.

By choosing the SLS method of rapid prototyping customers will get the advantage of using SLS polyamide. SLS polyamide allows the manufacture of fully functional prototypes with high thermal and mechanical resistance that are suitable for snap fits and living hinges.

Glass filled Nylon is suitable for applications that require rigidity and strength under the extreme conditions. Flexible parts, durable metal parts, mould inserts and low density complex investment casting patterns are also be made under the SLS method of rapid prototyping from ArpTech.

3D printing services from ArpTech offers prototypes with thermoplastic polyester material. 3D Printing is commonly used in the initial conceptual design. 3D printing is a cost effective solution for small to medium size parts. High level finishes can be achieved under 3D printing by sanding and other post processing techniques.

Computer Numerical Control machining services from ArpTech is primarily in the form of CNC Milling. CNC Milling is used for machining complex parts and shapes that cannot be machined with conventional machines. Vacuum Casting services from ArpTech is widely used in making 20 to 40 pieces of functional prototypes.

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