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Multi-Drawer Storage Systems and Storage Turntables from Arlin

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Arlin  introduces a new line of storage systems designed for the electronics market to organise and store component parts. Arlin offers a wide selection of component storage systems including multi-drawer storage systems and storage turntables.     

Arlin’s multi-drawer storage systems are designed for components to be organised into separate drawers and compartments within the storage cabinets, making production and design areas completely organised and efficient.  

Key features of Arlin multi-drawer storage systems: 

  • Crystal-clear drawers for easy visual identification of contents
  • Corrugated/ ripple-based drawers for easy retrieval of small components
  • Combination drawer options for maximum efficiency
  • ESD (anti-static) semi-conductive storage units

Arlin’s storage systems range also includes the turntable Spacemiser frames designed to store 1000 different components within arm’s reach, taking up minimal floor space.  

Arlin compact storage turntables feature: 

  • Ball bearing swivel base
  • 400kg and 800kg load ratings
  • Up to 720 drawers and 4,320 separate compartments in one turntable
  • ESD (anti-static) semi-conductive storage unit frame

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