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Cooling products from Argent Techno Racking

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Cooling products from Argent Techno Racking are well recognised in the market for their quality and durability. The fan trays are the unique fan units from Argent Techno Racking that can easily be fitted to the frames. Argent Techno Racking offers fully wired fan trays to be fitted to two hundred and fourty volts capacity power supplies.

1RU panel fan trays from Argent Techno Racking occupy minimum space and are cost effective. Argent Techno Racking also offers a wide variety of fan panel units that are used for those who want complete front to back air movement. These fan panel units also occupy minimum vertical rack space.

Air conditioners are also offered by Argent Techno Racking on a large scale. These air conditioners are used in the situations where environment inside a cabinet must be below or at the ambient temperature. Argent Techno Racking’s air conditioners can also be used where moisture is to be removed from the cabinet air and it is also required to keep out the air contaminants out of the cabinet.

These high capacity cooling products are highly efficient. The air conditioners from Argent Techno Racking are generally equipped with compressor and thermostat. These are tested cooling products. A unique condensate management system inside an air conditioner from Argent Techno Racking helps it work efficiently.

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