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Cabinets and racks from Argent Techno Racking

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Argent Techno Racking  is one of the leading manufacturer of cabinets, server racks, rack frames, enclosures and a wide variety of related accessories. Argent Techno Racking is an ISO 9001:2000 accredited organisation and has gained around thirty years of experience in providing these high quality products to its customers.

The network cabinets offered by Argent Techno Racking can be obtained in different dimensions. These are high quality network cabinets and server racks from Argent Techno Racking. Argent Techno Racking also offers a wide variety of doors, panels, wall mount cabinets, open racks and consoles.

Rack frames are also supplied by Argent Techno Racking on a large scale. A nineteen inch diameter rack frame from Argent Techno Racking is provided with related accessories for easy installation. However, twenty three inch diameter rack frames can also be obtained from Argent Techno Racking. These rack frames and accessories are ideal solutions to protect the computer equipment.

Various cooling, cable management, power distribution equipment and a wide variety of accessories like drawers and shelves are also provided by Argent Techno Racking. The professionals at Argent Techno Racking install these products for the benefit of the customers and provide a complete service support for maintenance and repair.

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