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Vapour Degreasers from Ardelve Equipment

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Ardelve Equipment  designs and manufactures a line of vapour degreasing machines that find application in diverse industrial environments.

Designed to provide several benefits to industrial facilities, Ardelve Vapor-Therm degreasing systems are primarily used for critical cleaning applications in domains such as aviation maintenance, manufacturing, powder-coating and heat treatment industries, gas production industries as well as defence.

Vapour degreasers are used in the aviation maintenance industry to clean precision components, remove residue of fluids used in non-destructive crack testing processes and degrease bearings among others.

Manufacturing industries use vapour degreasers for production line cleaning of newly machined or stamped components as well as for the removal of cutting oil and swarf.

Powder-coating and heat treatment industries employ vapour degreasing cleaners for the final cleaning of components prior to further processing.

Gas production facilities find use for these machines in the critical cleaning of valves and components used in gas lines.

Vapour degreasers are employed for the cleaning of precision components during overhaul in defence facilities.

Key features of Ardelve Vapor-Therm vapour degreasers include:

  • Energy-saving operation
  • Minimal floor space requirement
  • Low maintenance design
  • No moving parts
  • Single step cleaning
  • Labour-saving equipment 
  • Rapid production 
  • Reduced impact on the environment 
  • Re-conditioned equipment available ex-stock

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