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Machinery cleaning equipment from Ardelve Equipment

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Ardelve Equipment  is a company engaged in the supply of parts cleaning equipments for a number of industries such as automotive, marine, aviation, mining, transport, military, local government, manufacturing, light and heavy engineering.

The different varieties of products offered by Ardelve Equipment are parts cleaning chemicals, sprayers, drum pumps, foam generators, parts cleaning machines, dangerous goods storage and workshop equipment. The recent products launched by Ardelve Equipment are Hydro Foamer HF481 (2.8L) hose end foamer, Apollo Spray Wash SW1100 & SW1400, Electro Pulse EP100 agitating-platform cleaning machines, Apollo Spray Wash SWE800, Hot Pulse Alloy, Hot Pulse 2 Pak, Turbo Clean Plus and Econo Spin Wash LT.

The parts cleaning equipments offered by Ardelve Equipment are Econo Spin Wash LT, Hot Pulse 2 Pak, Ferocious, Hot Pulse Alloy, Turbo Clean Plus and Organic Deruster-Safer Alternative. The Econo Spin Wash LT is a unique product offered by Ardelve Equipment that has features such as low temperature, specialised, low foam. Econo Spin Wash LT is an economical alkaline powder cleaner that can be used for all spray wash machines. This specialised aluminium cleaner is framed to operate at ambient temperatures in Spin-O-Matic, Roto-Wash, Apollo as well as other spray wash machines.

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