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Heavy duty cleaners offered by Ardelve Equipment

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Ardelve Equipment  supplies Ferocious, which is a hot tank caustic cleaner. Ferocious is a heavy duty, inhibited, low foam, quick-break alkaline cleaner that is used on ferrous metals in pulsomatic and electro-pulse cleaning tanks as well as other agitating machines. Ferocious is relentless on paint, carbon, oil, light and grease corrosion. It is a granular and highly alkaline powder formulated on a blend of high performance soil suspending, biodegradable surfactants and chelating alkaline cleaners that has pleasant aroma.

Ferocious does not contain any chromates, phenols, phosphates, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable and quick break that is used in combination with coalescing separators. It is ideal for cleaning ferrous components and large diesel engine blocks. Ferocious is used in all heavy industries such as engine reconditioning, construction, transport, mining, farming, military, meat processing and earth moving machinery over hauls.

Ferocious removes carbons, paints, oils, greases, grimes, mud, vegetable and animal fats, tar and many such things from cuprous and ferrous metals as well as from concrete, bitumen, tiles, bricks and masonry. It is not to remove powder coats from aluminium items. Ferocious is completely inhibited to minimise flash rusting. Ferocious is highly hygroscopic and thus required to be kept in air tight containers to prevent it from gaining moisture from atmosphere.

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