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Graphical programming and software development by Arctangent Enterprises

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Arctangent Enterprises  was established in the year 1989 by Richard Hammer. It offers contract mathematical and programming services. Initially, Arctangent Enterprises traded as Cartesian Resources. This name was a tribute to Rene Descartes, the French philosopher and mathematician who formed the x- and y- coordinate systems. Thus it was an indication of the position that Arctangent Enterprises had in the market.

For many years Arctangent Enterprises was primarily a mode of delivery for Hammers expertise. But when these modes became inappropriate Arctangent Enterprises had to remain in background. Arctangent Enterprises now enjoys a reputation of a company that delivers quality services to its customers. Recently L-3 Communications Nautronix has engaged with Arctangent Enterprises for duration of five years.

Arctangent Enterprises has the specialisation to solve difficult problems of clients that could not be solved earlier. Thus Arctangent Enterprises works with the aim to enable clients to be the forerunners of their industry. The solutions created by Arctangent Enterprises are very effective and optimal. These solutions are rigorous and well justified.

The different types of services offered by Arctangent Enterprises include contract programming, contract mathematics, algorithm development, application development, data analysis and displays, optimisation, simulation and modelling.

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