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Application development and optimisation services from Arctangent Enterprises

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Arctangent Enterprises  develops applications for industrial, engineering, defence, mining and similar organisations. It thrives to solve complex engineering or industrial problems, especially those that are related to spatial or geometrical components. Arctangent Enterprises considers it very essential to create user interfaces along with associated graphics that are intuitive and can be used and understood easily.

Arctangent Enterprises links closely with the customers for thorough investigation of proposed applications. On the basis of the results from the investigation, Arctangent Enterprises develops algorithms and/or suggestions for prototype software. It also does some simulation activities. Arctangent Enterprises takes extra care to develop apt user interfaces along with intuitive graphics. The deliverables available from Arctangent Enterprises depends on the requirement and needs of customers.

The applications created by Arctangent Enterprises frequently go downstream to end users. The end users of Arctangent Enterprises include mining consultants, oil and gas companies, mining companies, navies and small airlines. The different services provided by Arctangent Enterprises include contract mathematics, application development, contract programming, algorithm development, optimisation, simulation and modelling along with data analysis and displays.

Arctangent Enterprises is an experienced and skilled solver of mathematical problems that have industrial and engineering contexts. Arctangent Enterprises generally uses C, C++, FORTRAN and MATLAB.

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