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Screw conveyors for waste materials

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article image A diagram of the shaftless screw conveyor.

ARCHIMEDES Conveyors’ shaftless screw conveyors are excellent for the transport of tough materials such as fibrous matter, various types of waste materials, long-cut chips, slaughter-house refuse etc.

The conveyed material cannot get entangled around any shaft, if screw conveyors with shaftless screw spirals are used.

The shaftless screw conveyors are made in several standard dimensions to suit different applications. The screw conveyors are the type U-trough and shaftless screw spiral.

Several conveyor sections can be connected in series, up to a total transport length of 80m. For vertical transport applications, Archimedes Conveyors can supply screw conveyors with a tube casing.

The conveyors’ U-troughs are fitted with covers that can easily be opened for inspection and cleaning. The U-trough has internal replaceable wear plates.

As standard, Archimedes Conveyors’ U-troughs and covers are made from stainless steel. They are totally enclosed for containment of dust and smells.

A wear plate lining in the conveyors’ U-trough provides for smooth and quiet conveyor operation.

Standard material for the conveyors’ wear-plate is a high molecular plastic.

For very abrasive applications, Archimedes Conveyors provide ultra-high molecular plastics or abrasion and wear resistant steels.

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