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A wide range of software products from Aquion

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Aquion  does not sell its software products directly to clients; instead it has channel partners who help it to offer the different types software solutions to end users. It assists the companies with which the end users want to do business with the view to sell and support the products from vendors. The different vendors of Aquion include Altova, Datadirect, Cyberlink, Dameware, GFI, Kaspersky, Nero, Macrovision, NetManage, Seavus, Sony, Sparx, WebSpy and many more such companies

Aquion is a 100 percent channel-focussed dispenser that services some of the largest companies involved in systems integration and outsourcing of software solutions. It has two tiered business that act as efficient and profitable medium to offer its services to end users. Besides this, Aquion works only with those vendors who have strong commitment with channels.

Aquion offers AqRE services to its clients. It means Aquion reseller extension services and provides resellers of all sizes that have one-stop-shop for difficult to get software solutions. This enables the resellers to extend their type and volume of software solutions to the current customer base.

Aquion has buying relationships with more than 700 companies that offer software products and enable resellers to acquire many software packages that the customers require and demand. In addition to this the extension services offered by Aquion offers maintenance management services that enable resellers to capture and capitalise on the on-going software maintenance revenues.

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