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Water desalination equipment from Aqueous Solutions

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Aqueous Solutions  is an Australian company that designs, manufactures and offers innovative and practical desalination equipment along with waste water treatment solutions. It has a proud history in which it has solved a number of water desalination and water waste problems for is customers. Aqueous Solutions has expertise various areas such as water treatment, water desalination equipment and water waste treatment. It maintains close liaisons with clients, which ensures that all client need are fulfilled.

The experienced chemical engineers at Aqueous Solutions have a good knowledge and understanding of water. Aqueous Solutions have strong manufacturing base that ensures robust and economical solutions. Recently it has delivered desal systems for first bowling club that desalinate bore water. Aqueous Solutions is a certified member of Australian Water Association.

The water treatment system and water purification services offered by Aqueous Solutions include filtration, softening/demineralisation, arsenic removal and disinfection. It offers a wide range of filtration solutions to its clients that include deep bed multi media systems. These systems automatically backflush with the help of microprocessor based control valves. Due to this dust particles are reduced to 3 micron. After this the subsequent cartridge filter systems reduce the duct level to 0.5 micron. This system is suited for industries that require sediment free water supply.

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