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Automatic water softening solutions from Aqueous Solutions

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Aqueous Solutions  is an agent of ADI International INC Media G2 arsenic removal media. Media G2 is an absorption treatment technology that has an iron base. This technology helps to remove arsenic from water, mainly ground water meant for potable usages.

The softening/demineralisation services offered by Aqueous Solutions help to remove hardness from water. Hardness is common in several water supplies mainly ground water with higher calcium and magnesium levels. Excessive hardness results in the formation of scales in pipelines, hot water systems, boilers and fittings; this causes blocks as well as causes some agricultural chemicals to perform below par when made-up with hard water.

Aqueous Solutions offers automatic softening solutions for commercial and industrial requirements. These softeners supplied by Aqueous Solutions are completely automatic in regeneration and operation. Aqueous Solutions offers two phase cation anion or mixed demineralisation plants that have automatic acid and alkali generation mechanism. This process offers complete demineralisation of water.

Additionally, Aqueous Solutions offers chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ultra violet water sanitation systems. In case of large installations chlorine dioxide provides many advantages in comparison to traditional chlorine based systems. Due to extensive work in the chicken processing industry, Aqueous Solutions offers new and exciting development in food processing activities.

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