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Ionisers for spas, swimming pools and water features offered by Aquavic

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Aquavic  services and manufactures ionisers for spas, swimming pools and water features. Swimming in an ionised pool is the closest that one can experience to swimming in an individual personal mountain stream.

The product range from Aquavic includes AquaVic New Millennium Ioniser package, AquaVic C-50 Flowcell, AquaVic Flowcells for the Algae-NON electrodes, AquaVic 2C-50 Flowcell, AquaVic C-40 Flowcell, Aquavic Blue Label Ioniser — Model ION-01 and Aquamatics MK5 Ioniser.

Aquamatics MK5 Ioniser is manufactured in Sydney and this unit is perhaps one of the highest selling ioniser in the market of Australia today. This product has evolved from the time-proven MK4, which are still in service even today.

Aquamatics MK 5 Ioniser’s extremely stylish control system provides the operator or owner absolute control over the ioniser run time and ionising current. This characteristic makes it appropriate for any capacity of water, from hundred litres to one lakh litres. These ionisers are intended to drive one pair of electrodes which may either be installed in a separate flowcell or directly into the lid of a pool pump.

For larger water bodies, the Aquamatics range of ionisers offered by Aquavic also includes the MK9 and the MK10 ioniser.

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