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Aquavic offers consultancy services for pool maintenance

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Aquavic  offers pool maintenance services. Opposing to popular belief, the upholding of the water chemistry of pool is straightforward and simple and only needs about ten minutes of time of the client per week during the swimming season. In the off season this process can be carried out every month.

This cleaning schedule suggested by Aquavic is on the basis that the pool is free of substantial water leaks, structurally sound, has good circulation and the filter or the sand, cartridge or DE is in fine order.

The synergy of the Aquabrite pure silver component of the electrodes and the pool water also produces an easy to use sanitiser that outperforms chlorine.

The chemicals that Aquavic requires are hydrochloric acid or sodium bi-sulphate, sodium bi-carbonate and Aquabrite. In a few soft water areas, it may also be essential to use a small piece of calcium chloride to maintain appropriate balance.

Customers should follow the directions of the manufacturer of the test kit to establish the TA of their pool water. If the level is excessively low, sodium bi-carbonate (dissolved in a bucket of pool water prior) is be added until the correct level is achieved. Plenty of time is provided for the additive to mix before re-testing.

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