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Aquathrive offers lighting solutions for aquariums

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Aquathrive  offers a wide range of lighting solutions for aquariums. Lighting systems offered by Aquathrive have been planned taking in to consideration the requirements of the plants and fish.

Variety of metal halide, T5, T6 and T8 lights offered by Aquathrive augment the quality of life in the tank and they provide the basic component for photosynthesis. Aquathrive has a lighting solution to suit almost every type of need, whether it is for professionals or beginners.

Aquathrive offers Jamaican Sunset which is also known as Tall Canna. Jamaican Sunset is so called due to the charming canna which gives an appearance like a Jamaican Sunset. Jamaican Sunset is a high rising plant which can reach up to two metres if grown under favourable circumstances.

Jamaican Sunset grows in various conditions from full shade to full sun. Jamaican Sunset tolerates drought as well. Jamaican Sunset is a large canna that brightens up the shadowy corners in the courtyard with its clear green leaves.

Another product offered by Aquathrive under aquarium lighting includes Tall Growing Canna. Tall Growing Canna is a beautiful Pearl White Canna with light pink centres and a yellowish touch.

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