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Drinking water from the air

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article image Aquamaker’s AM10 water generator.

A NEW, environmentally-friendly water cooler, to be released in Australia, eliminates costly bottle refills, cumbersome storage requirements and associated costs, by producing pure drinking water from the surrounding air.

Victorian-based AquaMaker Australia , recognised as a leader in new technologies creating pure drinking water from the air, has successfully trialed its product which reduces cost, requires no plumbing or storage or replacement of empty bottles.

Water generated by the Aquamaker is constantly filtered, ensuring the water within the system is always of the highest quality.

Cost savings are immediate and the water produced meets or exceeds all requirements for quality water for human consumption.

AquaMaker's AM10 water generator produces water from as little as 10 cents a litre, provides chilled and boiling hot water on demand, and requires minimal yearly maintenance. It is suitable for cold drinks or for making tea or coffee.

The Aquamaker can be bought outright, leased or rented. Aquamaker purchase options provide a competitive means of providing filtered drinking water for staff, and customers.

AquaMaker has been sold in the USA for the past two years and is now expanding to other countries worldwide.

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