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PVC gas and insulated flexile connectors from Aquaknect Flexibles

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Aquaknect Flexibles  provides insulated flexible connectors, PVC gas flexible connectors to plumbing industries. These connectors are ideal for potable water and gas applications. Aquaknect Flexibles manufactures these flexible connectors according to Australian standards.

PVC range of gas flexible connectors from Aquaknect Flexibles comes with co extruded gas tube. The co extruded gas tubes come with internal braided reinforcement materials. Different types of fittings are crimped in place with help of unique method. PVC gas flexible connectors are ideal for high and low-pressure applications. Some of the applications include camping, general low pressure and barbecue applications. PVC gas connectors are available in diameters ranging from six to ten millimetres.

Aquaknect Flexibles provides Plumbezy insulated flexible water connectors. The Plumbezy insulated flexible water connector act as insulating agent against heat gain and heat loss condensations. The insulated flexible connector is ideal for use in heating, sanitation and air conditioning industries. Plumbezy insulated flexible water connectors come with closed cell structures having in built vapour barriers. These barriers are resistant to water vapour transmission. Insulated flexible connectors are ideal in buildings requiring protection against fire and smoke.

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