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Tailor made recycling systems from Aquaclear Water Solutions

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Aquaclear Water Solutions  offers tailor made water recycling systems from EcoNova. EcoNova offers world class water systems with well prepared with project managers, qualified engineers and technical officers to implement and develop the tailor-made wastewater recycling solutions.

Complete consultation services and engineering support including manufacture, installation, approvals, design, operation and maintenance and commissioning are also offered by EcoNova.

Other products available from Aquaclear Water Solutions from EcoNova is NovaPro, which allows developers to increase their profits by transforming ‘inaccessible land' into simple to build up property. It also provides an aggressive eco marketing gain for projects, while reducing council costs and headwork charges.

NovaPro is regarded to be suitable for eco communities, resorts and remote properties, developments, islands, caravan parks, schools and golf and sports clubs.

NovaClear, a water recycling system, has been designed to reprocess household wastewater to Class A+ reusable water feature. Class A+ is the uppermost quality rating which the Environmental Protection Agency recognises for reprocessed water.

The main tank of NovaClear has been designed in such a way that it acts as a receptor for every incoming wastewater from households. This tank also offers a substantial extra buffering potential of about fifteen hundred litres for times of emergencies or high load.

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