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Refurbishment and sanitization of coolers by Aqua Cooler

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Aqua Cooler in Australia carries out the refurbishment and sanitization of coolers for customers. This service is available to bottle water companies and water filter specialists. The ambition of this refurbishment and sanitization function is to provide customers with coolers that are ready to be installed into their premises. This streamlined process from Aqua Cooler saves time, money and effort of end-users. It ensures that a water cooler will last longer in the marketplace, and when rented each cooler will provide a better return on investment.

The "Nine Step" process includes:

  1. Bar-coding for older coolers
  2. Lodgement of cooler into Aqua Cooler advanced computer system, for warranty tracking purposes
  3. Disassembly and identification of broken or missing parts and cleaning of components
  4. Panel cleaning
    • Electrical function check and cooling rate verified
    • Exterior cleaning and re-touching where necessary
    • Bowl scouring and sanitization
    • Re-assembly and water leak checks are carried out
    • Batch summary is prepared for invoicing

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