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Features of an Aqua Cooler Chiller

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Made In Australia
All of Aqua Cooler ’s industrial chillers are made at the manufacturing facility in Chester Hill, NSW, Australia, so lead times are low and spare parts are readily available. Large Condensers
Aqua Cooler’s industrial chiller condensers are oversized and intake air from all sides of the chiller for maximum efficiency.

The scroll compressor is hermetically sealed.

Factory Testing
All chillers are designed to operate at 45 degrees Celsius and are tested in the factory in a temperature-controlled room.

They use a custom designed evaporator to handle rough conditions.

Non-Corroding Plastic Tank
The new R-Series range has an engineered, insulated, food grade polyethylene tank that will not corrode.

All of Aqua Cooler’s chillers are fitted with a stainless steel multi-stage pump with bypass.

Installation locations
With weatherproof construction, Aqua Cooler’s chillers can be installed in both indoor and outdoor locations.

Chilled water is between 5 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius (or lower if Glycol is used).

A dual pressure safety digital thermostat is included in all chillers.

Aqua Cooler provides its customers with extensive, 24 hour, nationwide service.

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