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Drinking water fountains from Aqua Cooler

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Including over 30 different models, Aqua Cooler provides water coolers for several domestic, commercial and industrial application.

  • M Series - available in 3 different capacities 10, 19 and 26 lph and optional stainless steel cabinets and filter system
  • Wall Mounted WM Series - available in an 8 lph capacity and optional stainless steel cabinets and filter system
  • Under Bench UB Series - available 3 different capacities 5, 8 and 15 lph and an optional filter system
  • Remote Water Cooler WR45 - available in a 26 lph capacity. Suitable for connection to two water bubblers/taps
  • Wall Recessed IBWR - available in a 26 lph capacity. Full stainless steel cabinet with bubbler and glass filler outlets
  • Central Storage Unit PT30 - available in a 90 lph capacity. Suitable for connection to 6 bubbler outlets

M Series Freestanding Water Fountains

M Series Freestanding Water Fountain is a hardwearing, sturdy unit with a variety of applications. These units can be found in schools, construction sites, hospitals, factories and many other environments where a drinking water outlet is required.

Available in low (10 Litres per hr), medium (19 Litres Per Hr) and heavy-duty (26 litres per hr) capacities, these water coolers are available with a choice of drinking outlets; units with only a drinking bubbler and units with both a bubbler and glass filler. Additional options such as filters and stainless steel cabinets are also available.

WM Series Wall Mounted Water Fountains

Mounted on the wall and especially designed for areas where floor space is highly valued or for small spaces, the WM Series is ideal for easy access by people in wheelchairs or for children. Available in an 8 litre per hour chilling capacity, this unit also has a range of optional extras available and includes glass fillers, filters and stainless steel bodies.

WR45 Remote Water Cooler

This out of the way water coolers is designed for installation adjacent to a drinking point - yet hidden from sight. The WR45 is the refrigeration unit inside the IBWR and it will therefore supply two bubblers. An ideal chilled water unit for numerous applications.

IBWR In-Built Wall Recessed Water Cooler

Being recessed into a wall this model is perfect for installation in high traffic areas such as corridors in hospitals, schools, airports and public buildings. Featuring both a bubbler and a jug filler, this unit offers easy access to chilled water for quick glass or bottle refills.

PT30 Central Storage Unit

PT30 Central Storage Unit is ideal for schools, universities and the mining industry where large volumes of cold water are needed at the one time. This unit delivers 90 litres of chilled water per hour and has a storage tank holding 135 litres. Ideal application is a connection with up to 6 bubblers

UB Series Under Bench Water Coolers

Where floor space is a premium Under Bench Water Coolers can be installed out of sight, usually under a kitchen sink. Three different capacities are available (5, 8 and 15 litre per hour) all of which can be connected to filtration equipment which is also available. Chilled water will be supplied through the tap on the sink or through an additional glass filler which can also be installed onto the sink for handy refills of water bottles.

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