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ASSET Performance Tools has released its new software module 'Apt-Spares Batch', available through the Sydney-based Apt Group .

This is an optional upgrade to its popular Apt-Spares module for the calculation of optimum stock holding levels of critical and slow moving spare parts.

Apt-Spares Batch will be of particular benefit to organisations that already hold data pertaining to their spare parts inventory in existing computer systems.

Data can be copied and pasted into the easy to use data grid user interface from tabular software applications such as Excel or Access. Alternatively data can be imported from text files. Features exist to allow the user to specify the location of each data field in the incoming data.

It is equally easy to re-export data into text files for subsequent processing by other applications. E.g. optimum stock levels (calculated by Apt-Spares Batch) can be interfaced into stock management systems to ensure optimum levels are automatically maintained.

Apt-Spares Batch is also capable of loading and saving groups of analysis records to and from the standard Apt database files. This is useful when batch editing of input data is required, e.g. changing markets may cause a change in downtime penalty cost rates.

Using the "Silent Mode" option users can schedule regular automatic data processing runs to import, calculate, validate and export data.

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