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Instrument controllers and accessories offered by Apps Laboratories

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Apps Laboratories  offers complete range of Hanna Instruments controllers. The controllers offered by Apps Laboratories are available under sub-categories such as Combination controllers, ORP controllers, pH controllers and EC controllers.

Apps Laboratories also offers various types of accessories like calibration and maintenance solutions, storage solutions and electrolytes, meter accessories, probes, reagent kits, reagent refills, laboratory equipment, hardware / metering and software.

Calibration solution helps the conductivity meter in accurate pH reading by regular calibration. Some pH meters let the use of two solutions for better accuracy. There are various sub-categories of calibration and maintenance solutions namely pH solutions, conductivity and ORP solutions, dissolved oxygen accessories and combination calibration kits.

The dissolved oxygen meter requires a calibration solution and may also require the electrolyte solution to fill the probe. Replacement probe membranes are also offered with Apps Laboratories to keep the DO meter in top shape. There are various types of dissolved oxygen accessories such as DO probe electrolyte refilling solution, DO probe repl membranes for HI7041S and Zero oxygen solution 500 ml for HI9142.

Apps Laboratories also offers meter accessories of various types like Protective rubber boot for HI 99121, Shockproof rubber boot HI 710007, Shockproof rubber boot blue HI 710009 and Shockproof rubber boot orange HI 710010. Each of these is suitable for different purposes.

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