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New x-ray food inspection system from Applied Sorting Technologies

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article image XR-3000P x-ray inspection system

Applied Sorting Technologies  has expanded the range of products that can be inspected through its XR-3000P, packaged food x-ray inspection system.

Calls from customers to be able to inspect larger individual packs of products or to inspect multi item, retail ready packs has lead Applied Sorting to make several changes to its flagship x-ray inspection machine.

The tunnel height has been increased by around 65% providing passage for products up to 230mm high.

The x-ray generator has been replaced with a new higher wattage unit that can provide the extra penetrating power required for tall and multi item packs while still giving good contrast between the contaminants being detected and the surrounding food and packaging.

An optional, 25% wider detector array allows customers to further expand the machines maximum product height/width combination and a choice of detector resolution sizes including 0.4mm, 0.8mm and 1.6mm makes the new XR-3000P the versatile x-ray food inspection system in the Applied Sorting range.

Developed and manufactured in Victoria, the XR-3000P can be customised to suit the specific needs of individual customers.

For example, requirements for certain safety features or different preferred brands of control equipment often vary from site to site and from customer to customer.

Because every system is built locally and to order, these needs can often be provided for from the beginning. This can mean considerable savings to the customer in integrating the x-ray system into their plant layout and in ongoing operations.

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