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Dual lane x-ray food inspection system

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article image Two streams of different food products can be inspected simultaneously on the one machine.

APPLIED Sorting Technologies has released a new dual lane version of its XR-3000P x-ray inspection system (the XR-3000PD) that enables two streams of different products to be inspected simultaneously on the one machine.

As well as providing two machines for not much more than the price of one, the new system is expected to create substantial savings in the cost of ancillary materials handling facilities and in saving valuable floor space compared to installing two separate machines.

Each lane or channel can to be operated with different detection parameter settings, enabling two different types of products to be inspected at the same time.

Defective products can be rejected on the basis of contaminants like glass, stones, metal, plastics etc, or because of under-fill or missing ingredients.

The new system is readily interchangeable between a dual or single channel configuration.

In the dual channel configuration it can inspect two streams of products up to 150mm wide while in single channel mode it can inspect products up to 300mm wide.

The single belt can be varied in speed between 5m and 60m per minute.

A variety of reject product deflector options are available to suit different kinds of products and operating conditions.

Each Applied Sorting X-Ray Inspection System is built in Australia, against individual customer orders – therefore the company is able to offer preferred brand choices in components like PLCs, switch gear, drive motors, gear boxes and VSDs.

Applied Sorting can also work with customer's engineering team to ensure the installed system satisfies OH&S requirements and food safety standards.

The new Applied Sorting machine’s economy and versatility is expected to be popular with contract packers as well as food manufacturers.

The machine is aimed at the inspection of frozen foods, bakery products, smallgoods, confectionery, dips and powdered food products including cake mixes, sauces and beverages.

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