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Hydraulic powered 100-ton crimping press

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article image The compact Enerpac-powered plug press.

A NEW 100-ton crimping press has been developed by Melbourne precision metalworking specialist John A.L. Mills and Associates to neatly and effortlessly finish stainless steel cables used in architectural balustrades.

The plug-type press - of a design applicable to cables ranging from electrical heavy duty to yacht fittings - is used by Gerry Semcesen's company Architectural Stainless Design to crimp end fittings onto the cables now widely employed in fashion finishes, fixtures and fittings.

Powered by an Enerpac RCS 1002 low height hydraulic cylinder, from Applied Power Australia , that can be powered by hand, air/electric or petrol-driven pumps, the press features a plug fitted with a breach buttress thread.

This speeds up press operation because it needs only a half turn for the fitting or removal of the plug and the crimping tooling, says the press' designer, John A.L. Mills.

This feature has two benefits. First it speeds up the changeover of different sizes and styles of crimping tools. Second it enables the speedy removal of long lengths of cable which have been joined/spliced.

"Originally we produced presses of this type to join underground power transmission cables where working space is at a premium,” Mr Mills said.

“These design constraints resulted in a compact, lightweight, high force press so small it fits into a 20-litre bucket with room to spare.

“The power, precision and easy handling of this tool made it ideally adaptable to building and furniture tasks," he added.

The rugged single acting (spring return) Enerpac RCS 1002 cylinder employed is one of a broad series of RSM/RCS low height cylinders used throughout industry in applications ranging from construction and machinery lifting to manufacturing and mining.

Available in capacities of 5-150 tons and strokes from 6-62mm, the high pressure (700 bar) cylinders feature a low profile design for use in confined spaces and reliability in arduous applications ranging from building and mine sites to marine drilling platforms.

The RCS 1002 cylinder used in Architectural Stainless Design's press has a collapsed height of just 141mm, with a stroke of 57mm and weight of 22.7kg with integral handle for easy carrying.

Where required, it can easily be detached from the pressing tool to perform other hydraulic engineering tasks, including lifting, pressing, forming, fabricating and cutting. The presses are available in 50, 75 100, 150 and 200 ton capacity.

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