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article image Synchronous hydraulic lifting system.

APPLIED Power Australia ’s Enerpac division has permanently located a synchronous hydraulic lifting system in Australia.

The system that can be used with multiple cylinders, each ranging in capacity from 10-1000 tonnes. It uses digital synchronisation control accurate to within 1mm between leading and lagging lifting points.

The system can operate with between 4 and 64 lifting points. Movement is electronically controlled and monitored during the hydraulic raising, lowering, positioning, or testing of very heavy objects. Objects that can be handled include manufacturing machinery, manufactured structures, buildings, bridges, oil platforms, ships, mining equipment and heavy but delicate computerised/electrical equipment.

The system controls unevenly distributed loads as well as various cylinder capacities. can automatically stop at pre-set stroke or load-limit. The system features stroke and load control in all hydraulic circuits and real time display of relative stroke, load, or pressure. Continuous data recording of time, relative stroke, pressure, and load is possible as well as graphic presentation and printout capability. It can be used with standard single or double-acting cylinders and has a 700 bar operating pressure, allowing full cylinder capacities with standard Enerpac hydraulic components.

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