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Applied Measurement releases range of multiple sensors

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Applied Measurement Australia presents a wide range of sensors for pressure, temperature, level and dimensional measurement among many other applications.

Miniature Pressure Sensor for Harsh Environments

The XP5 miniature pressure sensor features cutting edge SanShift technology, which eliminates zero shifts caused by installation torque. Constructed of titanium to enable reliable operation in harsh environments, the rugged XP5’s core sensing technology consists of a temperature compensated Wheatstone bridge composed of high stability micro-machined silicon strain gauges. Available in gauge, absolute and sealed configurations, the XP5 is offered in ranges from 1 to 350 bar.

Pressure Sensor for Pore Water Measurements

The EPB-PW pressure transducer is specifically designed for pore water applications in centrifuges or laboratory equipment. Using either ceramic or bronze sintered filters, the sensor can be used on clay or sand-based materials. Made of titanium, the rugged EPB-PW is not affected by external clamping forces when mounted.

DC Response Accelerometer

Model EGCS-D0/D1S accelerometer combines a damping ratio of 0.7 (nominal) with built-in over-range stops that are set to protect the unit against 10,000g shocks. This is ideal for applications that may experience rough handling or in situations where the accelerometer must survive a high initial overload in order to make a low g measurement.

Liquid Level Switch

Model LL-101 liquid level switch is the ideal solution for a host of liquid level sensing and control applications. Key features include use of proven ultrasonic technology to operate in a variety of liquids, regardless of viscosity or aeration; small size; and standard 3/4” NPT mounting.

Temperature Stable Angular Rate Gyro

Measurement Specialties’ 11206AC uniaxial angular rate gyro offers high accuracy and linearity measurements under varied tough environmental conditions. Key features include output fully temperature compensated from -40°C to +85°C; IdentiCal feature offering very tight unit-to-unit sensitivity and offset specifications; rugged, compact housing holding potted electronics and a shielded 22 AWG cable; and cubical form allowing mounting with the sensing axis oriented in any direction.

Temperature Compensated Dual Axis Tilt Sensor

The DQG-Series is a small horizontally-mounted inclinometer in the dual axis tilt sensor family with measurement technology derived from electrolytic conductibility. Key features include microprocessor control with a linearized and temperature compensated angle output signal; metal housing; and 8 to 30 VDC power requirement.

Digital Accelerometers

The pre-configured nature of the sensor in Measurement Specialties’ digital accelerometers allows users to begin collecting data within minutes of removing the accelerometer from its shipping box.

High-Precision Digital LBB Probes for Gaging Systems

The digital LBB gaging probes accurately measure and acquire the dimensions of precision parts. They are the ideal choice for measurement applications such as wobble/run-out of rotating parts (rotors and axles), diameter and run-out of precision machined parts (engine pistons and bearings), free-form measurements (airfoils, windshields, body panels, crankshafts and camshafts) and medical glass products’ dimensional inspection.

Unique DC Response, High Temperature Accelerometer

Model 4604HT is a unique high temperature DC response accelerometer designed for severe environment installations. Key features include availability in ranges from ±2 to ±200g; outstanding thermal performance up to +170°C; gas damped MEMS sensing element with integral over-range stops for high-g shock protection; and critically damped with a -80dB/decade frequency attenuation. Applications include flight testing, down hole monitoring, road vehicle testing and flutter and nacelle vibrations.

Advanced Digital Rate Gyro

The patent-pending GY407D is a rugged, intelligent instrument that accurately measures rotation rates and performs functions such as minimum/maximum, magnitude, peak-to-peak, and threshold evaluation. Its internal data processing simplifies data collection, reducing hardware, time and effort needed for post-processing raw data. The gyro is user configurable with simple SCPI-like commands, allowing customers to choose the number of axes, units returned, bandwidth, sample rates, function specifics, and analysis results.

MS5805 Miniature Digital High Resolution Altimeter

The MS5805-02BA01 digital altimeter pressure sensor module features an altitude resolution of 20cm and an ultra low power 24-bit ∆Σ ADC with internal factory calibrated coefficients. It provides a high resolution temperature output allowing the implementation of an altimeter/thermometer function without any additional sensor. Two versions of the device are available - with an SPI or an I2C bus interface.

Model 8042 Submersible Accelerometer

Measurement Specialties' all-titanium IEPE accelerometers identify pump failures before they happen. Model 8042-01 incorporates an integral cable custom designed for submersible applications as well as a unique water block feature that self-seals in the event of accidental cuts to the cable.

HVACR Temperature Sensor

Measurement Specialties' pipe clamp temperature sensors consist of a thermistor mounted in a brass housing to provide the user with fast and accurate thermal responses. This economical device is deployed in a broad range of central heating, gas combination boilers and refrigeration applications.

86BSD Media Isolated Digital Output Pressure Sensor

One of the first standalone pressure components of its kind in the market, this small 16mm, ASIC calibrated piezo-resistive silicon pressure sensor is designed to be mountable with an O-ring seal for high performance, low pressure applications. It utilises silicone oil to transfer pressure from its 316L stainless steel diaphragm to its sensing element.

Low g Accelerometer

Developed as an Angle-of-Attack sensor, the 14501A is suitable for various military and aerospace applications previously only filled with force-balance accelerometers. This new sensor offers significant cost reduction over mechanical models and is tested to DO-160 standards. Its improvements in the areas of axis alignment and gain and offset stability make it one of the most accurate accelerometers available, especially under demanding environmental conditions.

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