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Since 1976 Applied Measurement has focused on providing high quality products and services for engineered measurement, and industrial automation applications. Typically this has involved pressure, force, torque, position, strain, acceleration and inertial sensing. In addition to sales, services include design, testing and calibration.

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Supplier news
01/11/15 - Applied Measurement Australia announces the launch of two new accelerometers from DJB Instruments.
Supplier news
29/10/15 - Applied Measurement Australia announces the availability of a new analogue output option within Jewell Instruments’ MEMS inclinometer line.
Supplier news
29/10/15 - Applied Measurement Australia has added the new QFA-150 Series standard accelerometer to its force balanced quartz flexure offering from Jewell.
Supplier news
27/10/15 - Applied Measurement announces the addition of the new RMIW Emerald Series inclinometers from Jewell Instruments to its force balanced tilt sensor line.
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VIC 3132
Tel: 03 9874 5777
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Applied Measurement Australia Brands

AMA RM Series of Signal Conditioners AMA’s XTRAN Load Cells ATEQ Leak, Pressure Decay and Flow Systems ATI Industrial Automation Capacitec Displacement and Gap Sensors Crane Torque Measurement and Calibration Systems Dacell Load Cells, Force and Torque Transducers DataTaker Data Logging and Acquisition Datatel Rotating and Moving Telemetry DJB Instruments – Vibration & Dynamic Pressure Hitec High Temperature Stress & Strain Sensors imc High Speed Data Acquisition & Logging Jewell Instruments – Acceleration & Tilt Sensors Magpowr Tension Measurement & Control Systems Mantracourt Wireless Data Acquisition Systems Measurement Specialties – Test, Measurement & OEM Measurement Technology Northwest Line Control Systems MEL Optical Laser Distance Measuring Systems Philtec Fibre Optic Sensors Posic Position Sensors and Encoders Positek Linear & Rotary Position Sensors Racelogic VBOX Vehicle Data, GPS and Video Logging Riftek Laser Geometry Measuring Systems Sensor Instruments –Laser Colour, Gloss and Position Sensors Sherborne Sensors – Accelerometers, Inclinometers and Force Transducers Showa Strain Gauge and Load Cells Watson Industries Inertial Measurement Systems WayCon Position, Distance and Level Sensors

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