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Process Monitoring with NEC SS320 Thermal Imaging Cameras

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Applied Infrared Sensing  introduces process control systems based on infrared imaging cameras and thermal imaging cameras.  

These process control systems are designed to enable Australian industries to constantly monitor production lines and assets while ensuring all facilities met high safety requirements.  

Imaging cameras for the process monitoring systems are available from NEC Avio (Japan) and Raptor Photonics (Ireland).  

Applied Infrared Sensing offers cost-effective process monitoring based on infrared cameras (reflectivity of product in infrared spectrum) or thermal imaging cameras (for temperature control).  

Temperature monitoring is an essential component of any process control system for the monitoring of potential fires in refuse or coal piles, petrochemical plants or any manufacturing company producing plastic injection moulded products.  

NEC SS320 thermal imaging cameras acquire thermal images in real-time and process the accompanying data for detection of unusual heat on production equipment, quality control of products and monitoring ambient temperatures.  

Additionally, product can be monitored during belt conveyor transportation. Any increase over preset temperature threshold in real-time triggers an alarm.  

The process control system comprises of the IR imaging camera, protective housing, control unit and control/measurement software for easy setup. Suitable for use as a wall-mount or desktop system, the control unit can be connected with up to 4 cameras.  

The thermal imaging monitoring camera has a wide field of view. The NEC SS320 thermal imaging monitoring system is a very cost-effective solution for automatic heat check of manufacturing facilities and environmental monitoring.

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